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What is Corporate Email Hosting?

Corporate Email Hosting is an Email-only hosting plan ideal for the medium to large-sized company. With Corporate Email Hosting, you can use Web.Manager to assign all your staff a unique Email account. The flexibility of Web.Manager also means that your individual users can change their passwords on their own and read their Email from anywhere in the world using our web-based Email reader.

Hosted on sturdy industrial strength UNIX servers, the Corporate Email Hosting comes with Web.Manager, a utility that allows the end-user to fully configure all his own Email accounts, Corporate Email Hosting users will be able to set up, delete, and change passwords of their Email accounts an unlimited number of times.

  • 1st tier: your hosting is not third-party co-located. No single-party reseller hosts.
  • 24/7 true, on-site mission critical technical support: Webvisions Network Operation Centre engineers are on-site round-the-clock monitoring your web server.
  • Network and System Expertise: We have a full term of 2nd-level engineers, Technical managers and network/security administrators.
  • Aggregated bandwidth- Please visit our network description page.

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Corporate Email Hosting Feature Table

* Alternative way to sign up is to fax your Business Card to (65)-6773-9389.
Note: All Webvisions services are subject to a 7% GST charge. This GST charge will only be applied to Singapore-based Webvisions customers.

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