Fill up the following form to order ODBC mappings for your datasources. After submitting the form, your request will be forwarded to our NT Support Staff and queued for processing. An email will be sent out to confirm the setting up of your datasource when it is completed. This will take approximately 1 working day.

By default, we will setup your datasource as Microsoft Access 2000 format. For other types of datasources, please specify it in the "Other Comments" section below. For a list of relevent charges, please consult the fee table Here

You may also wish to specify a username and password you want your datasource to be protected with (optional). We will automatically set a username and password for you if you do not specify one.

The first ODBC datasource mapping request will be free of charge or according to the service plan you are subscribed to. Additional datasources cost S$10 (US$5) a month. Please contact your sales representation for additional Datasources.

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Create a new ASP shell for me (Win2k by default. Please request for Win2k3 in Other Comments box below)
Create a new COLDFUSION shell for me (Win2k by default. Please request for Win2k3 in Other Comments box below)
Create MSSQL 2000 Database
Create MSSQL 7.0 Database
I already have an NT server or an ASP/Coldfusion shell, please create a new DSN for me   

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* Note : Each additional datasource has a $10 monthly charge. By clicking
on the submit button below, you agree to this charge.

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